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Florida's Premier Classic, Custom, & Hot rod  Specialists

Est. 1956


  • General Repairs

  • General Maintenance

  • Vintage Parts

  • Engine Rebuilds

  • Transmission Rebuilds

  • Rear End Overhauls

We handle all your vintage car needs. Anything from: Antiques, Classics, Vintage, Pre and Post War Bombs, Hot Rods, Post War Vintage, Muscle Cars, Modern Classics.

Forte's Classic Garage - Corvettes C1

Forte's Classic Garage - Corvettes C1

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About Us

about us

First and foremost we are automotive enthusiasts. We are a part of the culture and the fabric that make up the American automotive enthusiast. If you've ever gone for a drive for the experience of the drive itself. If you've spent hours in your garage or driveway crafting your dream ride. Then you know what it means to be an automotive enthusiast! It's that love for the cars, the car culture, and the community it creates that drives us. If you wanted to summarize what we do, it would be best said that it is our job or better yet our mission is to bring that experience of being on any one of America's great open roads with a vintage American classic or custom to life. We are third generation craftsmen and we love what we do!

our history

We are a third generation family owned and operated shop. Dominic Forte, the founder of the company, moved down to St. Petersburg, Florida in the late 40's after the war ended. He served in WW2 as a mechanic. After the war ended he and his family moved down to St. Pete from Massachusetts, where he was originally from. After a decade working for Waldren Pontiac he developed quite a following. A regular customer of Dominic's at the time convinced him that he needed to start his own shop. That same customer believed in Dominic so much that he even loaned him the money to start the business on nothing more then a hand shake and In 1956, he and his wife Marion Forte, started Forte's Super Service. The business became very successful and in 1976 Dominic's younger son, Dom Forte, took over the shop. In the late 80's Dom began restoring some of the very same vehicles his father had worked on in years past alongside his successful auto repair business. Eventually, he renamed the business Forte's Auto Repair and Restoration. Fast forward to today, we decided to solely focus on vintage American classics and customs. Because we narrowed our focus, we are able to put all our time, resources, and efforts into better perfecting our craft. We are


1969 Camaro LT4


Our Work

Our Work

Contact Us

11495 66th Street

Largo FL 33773

Tel: 727-544-6440

Fax: 727-544-7440

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Thu 8am-7pm

Fri-Sun Closed

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